7 July (Tue): Oldies Nite

Brought to you by the Oldies but Goodies @ Santa Fe

Those of you who know and grew up with names like Doris Day, Patti Page, and Dean Martin... well, this certainly is the night for you! Those amongst us who haven't a single clue who Max Bygraves or Joni James are... well, this certainly is the night for you too! Come and reminisce or be introduced to songs like It's Magic, I Have But One Heart, Changing Partners, and the list goes on.

Better still, come see and hear a group of 'keen-agers' - yes! They're obviously no longer teens, but still ever-so-keen to belt out oldies but goodies. Going by the name of 'The Elderly Brothers' (if you didn't pick the play with The Everly Brothers... tsk tsk), their keen-ness belies their ages (Combined age: over two centuries), this informal, occasional group is a sight for sore eyes, or a cause of sore ears! But don't just come, be prepared to croon along with them. Someone once asked them to do a song in B-flat, and their response was, "No problem, we always sing flat!"

Grandpa's Singing Sensation
To add to the fun, we'll also be holding Grandpa's Singing Sensation, a singing contest open to all our friends aged 55 & above. Leave your inhibitions and your medications behind, and come croon with us the tunes from days of yore.
Time: 7-10pm
Venue: Main Deck
Prizes will be awarded to the most Original, most Lovely, most Dramatic, most Inspiring, most Entertaining, and most Senior competitors.

A fabulous evening in the making, made even better by our 10th Anniversary $10 Main Courses, courtesy of Singapore's very own Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill.

For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.