1 July (Wed): Shackles to Shekels Nite

Brought to you by Crown Financial Ministries

Debt, financial worries, overspending, keeping up with the Jones' or Tans... these all can leave us feeling shackled and in a state of lacking shekels (a unit of currency and weight used in Biblical times).

Shackles to Shekels, true to Crown Financial Ministries' tag line "true financial freedom" seemed to us to be a nice way to approach a rather heavy subject in lighter vein, especially during these rather difficult times. But these need not be difficult times. Let's get unshackled from woeful circumstances and unshackle our 'shekels' and use them as good stewards should.

Shackles to Shekels Nite promises to turn night to day, gloom and doom into tune and boom, and bondage into freedom! How, you might ask? Well, for starters, our entrees for the night are going for a mere ten shekels, er, dollars (it's Santa Fe's 10th Anniversary); normal price ranging between $17 and $27. Add to this, Crown's free video presentation, inspiring testimonies, and anointed presentation, don't be surprised if you hear shackles break that night!

And it's all happening at Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill aboard Stewords Riverboat. 
For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.