11 July (Sat): Rodeo Feast

Combine the raw energy and excitement of a rodeo fest with vibrant and delightful flavours of Tex-Mex cuisine, and you get Santa Fe's Rodeo Feast. With three different celebration zones offering a wide variety of entertainment and dining options, our Rodeo Feast promises a night of intense fun for the entire family.

Date: 11 July 09 (Saturday)
Time: 5-11pm
Venue: Stewords Riverboat

Main Deck: Chomp-Out Zone
- Main buffet spread featuring Blackened Salmon Veracruz, Chicken Veloute, Seafood Chimichangas, and more.
- Roast beef sliced before your eyes.
- Pasta Malam (mix-n-match pasta) station.
- Stand-up comedy by 'Anything Goes' team.
- Magic show.
- Live music.
- Line dance demo.

Upper Deck: Chill-Out Zone
- Desserts spread featuring cakes and fresh fruits.
- Wine tasting corner.
- A walk through Santa Fe: An exhibition & photo display on Santa Fe's first 10 years.

Bridge Deck: Cook-Out Zone
- Cookout stations featuring Fajitas, Grilled Chicken, Foil-Wrapped Dory, and BBQ Ribs.
- Accompaniments buffet.
- Thematic games.
- Live music.

Ticket Price: Adult $40nett, Child $25nett
Come dressed-to-theme and enjoy $10 off your ticket price!

For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.

*programmes subject to changes, and weather.

Celebration Overview

Ten Days of Celebrations
From 1-10 July 2009, we bring you 10 choices of our specialty Tex-Mex Main Courses such as BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Tex-Mex Grilled Chicken, and Chicken Fajitas, all going at a ridiculously special price of just $10nett! And to add to the celebratory spirit, we have in store 10 different themes for the 10 days on board the Riverboat. Whether you're a country line dance fan, or a gospel lover, or a wine enthusiast, there's something just for you.

Rodeo Feast: The Big Bash
Saturday, 11 July 2009, would be Santa Fe's big day, celebrated with a 'rodeo-style' event on board the Riverboat. We'll be all geared up to capture the energy and excitement of a Rodeo Fest, except that instead of bulls and horses, we'll be having unlimited Tex-Mex favourites done in cookout- and buffet-style. Also lined up are live performances, games, demos, wine tasting, and lots more!

Media Preview
We will be having a Media Preview for Santa Fe's 10th Anniversary Celebrations on Thursday, 2 July 2009. All writers, editors, presenters and contributors of local publications, radio, TV, blogs or websites are invited for a presentation on our history & concept, an overview of the celebration, a tour of the Riverboat, and of course a free sampling of our authentic Tex-Mex fare.

For details and registration, please email either Daryl (daryl@riverboat.com.sg) or Peter (peter@riverboat.com.sg).

1 July (Wed): Shackles to Shekels Nite

Brought to you by Crown Financial Ministries

Debt, financial worries, overspending, keeping up with the Jones' or Tans... these all can leave us feeling shackled and in a state of lacking shekels (a unit of currency and weight used in Biblical times).

Shackles to Shekels, true to Crown Financial Ministries' tag line "true financial freedom" seemed to us to be a nice way to approach a rather heavy subject in lighter vein, especially during these rather difficult times. But these need not be difficult times. Let's get unshackled from woeful circumstances and unshackle our 'shekels' and use them as good stewards should.

Shackles to Shekels Nite promises to turn night to day, gloom and doom into tune and boom, and bondage into freedom! How, you might ask? Well, for starters, our entrees for the night are going for a mere ten shekels, er, dollars (it's Santa Fe's 10th Anniversary); normal price ranging between $17 and $27. Add to this, Crown's free video presentation, inspiring testimonies, and anointed presentation, don't be surprised if you hear shackles break that night!

And it's all happening at Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill aboard Stewords Riverboat. 
For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.

2 July (Thu): The Santa Fe Trail by Boat

Brought to you by Santa Fe, with Singapore River Cruise

On this the actual day of Santa Fe's grand opening 10 years ago, we're taking you on a leisurely boat cruise from Marina Barrage to Boat Quay, the site of Santa Fe's very first outlet. Along the scenic route, we'll be passing the site of Singapore's upcoming Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Raffles Landing Site, as well as a number of beautiful bridges and landmarks to explore and discover.

Come hear the Santa Fe story, and how it has developed into what it is today. Participate in an interactive presentation by Eric Saw, our Chief Executive, on Tex-Mex cuisine and culture. Be treated to a live cooking demo and a short performance of Freddy Fender hits. All this and more as Santa Fe takes the stage this July.

The Santa Fe Trail by Boat
6.30pm: Boat sets off from Marina Barrage
7.30pm: Arrival back at Marina Barrage
8.00pm: Dinner on board Stewords Riverboat
8.30pm: Interactive Presentation & Demo
Price: $25nett per person, includes River Cruise, one Main Course, and one Drink

For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg

3 July (Fri): Country Line Dance Nite

Brought to you by Tanglin CC Line Dance Club

Come enjoy an evening of lively country music, and an equally lively line dance session & demo organized by Tanglin CC Line Dance Club on the Main Deck. Whether you prefer to sit back, relax and watch the dancers in action, or get in line and into the heat, you'll surely find yourselves having a ball of a time at our Country Line Dance Nite.

So grab those boots and faded jeans and ride on down to Santa Fe! 
For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.

4 July (Sat): Fitness Fest & Family Nite

Brought to you by Singapore Unarmed Training Institute & Santa Fe

Martial arts with a difference, at a venue with a difference.

Khong Chang, Singapore's very own form of martial arts, now in its second generation, brought to you by its very forward-looking President & Chief Instructor. This is one art form that doesn't just focus on defence and attack techniques, but places great emphasis on sound principles of family living and character development. Family participation is also encouraged, and this is why we at Santa Fe aboard Stewords Riverboat have paired this with our Family Nite.

Come watch the President himself show you how he combines the 'software' and the 'hardware'; watch how the various movements contribute to body conditioning, fitness, discipline, as well as grace and beauty; hear how some families bond and benefit from their association with Khong Chang. All this while aboard a Mississippi-style Riverboat, and tucking in to $10 Tex-Mex favourites.

Wonder if you'll be inclined to shout out a "H'YAH!" ...or an "ARRIBA!" Viva la difference!

The SUTI One-Minute Challenge
Time: 3-6pm
Venue: Upper Deck
Exercises: Rope Skipping (strength, endurance, focus & patience), Hula Hoop (coordination of movements), Crunches (abdominal muscular endurance & strength).
Categories: Under 12, Under 18, Parent, Family, and Open.
Prizes: SUTI Certificates & Medals, and Santa Fe Vouchers, presented at 7pm.
Registration Fee: $15 (includes dinner: Main Course, Soft Drink, Coffee/Tea) For those not competing, you're welcome to come watch the fit and fab in action and order your dinner ala-carte.

To register, please email challenge2009@suti.com.sg.

Family Talent Show
Do a handstand. Wiggle your ears. Pull a rabbit out of somebody's hat. These are just some of the things you can do in our open-to-all Family Talent Show! Grab any family member and make your way up the stage, and show the world what you've got. Min 2 to go.
Time: 7-9pm
Venue: Main Deck

For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.

5 July (Sun): Vintage Cars Nite

Brought to you by the Malaysia and Singapore Vintage Car Register

Toot your horns and rev your engines! The vintage cars are coming to town! In the early evening, members of the Malaysia and Singapore Vintage Car Register (MSVCR) will be participating in a drive-around ending at Marina South Pier, where the cars will be on display complete with placards depicting their rich and colourful history. This spectacular line-up brings you a rare opportunity for endless photoshoots with the classic beauties.

Also on show will be a very rare 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 convertible, which is up for restoration very soon. Never mind that the bumpers are bumpy and the exhausts look exhausted, the E-Type is still a timeless masterpiece that's definitely worth its salt.

When you're through with feasting your eyes the machines, head on in to Santa Fe on board the Riverboat to feast on our $10 Main Courses, as you enjoy a talk by a prominent member of the Club who will be sharing with us all about the joys and pleasures of owning a vintage/classic car in Singapore. There will also be historical videos, motoring contests, and a Q&A session.

MSVCR is a club that prides itself in keeping its vehicles as original as can be, so you are assured of getting the 'real deal' at Santa Fe's Vintage Cars Nite!

For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.

6 July (Mon): Generations Nite

Brought to you by Lions Club of Singapore Metropolitan

At Santa Fe, we always believe in promoting interaction across the generations, both within the family and without. Calling all senior citizens, kiddos, and of course the 'sandwich' generation too, come join us for a fun and meaningful time on board!

Also to join us that night would be some old folks and children from selected homes and support centres, sponsored by Lions Club of Singapore.

Participants will be treated to performances, songs, sharing sessions, games, as well as an 'open' segment where anyone can share their experiences and life stories to encourage and inspire the rest of us.

For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.

7 July (Tue): Oldies Nite

Brought to you by the Oldies but Goodies @ Santa Fe

Those of you who know and grew up with names like Doris Day, Patti Page, and Dean Martin... well, this certainly is the night for you! Those amongst us who haven't a single clue who Max Bygraves or Joni James are... well, this certainly is the night for you too! Come and reminisce or be introduced to songs like It's Magic, I Have But One Heart, Changing Partners, and the list goes on.

Better still, come see and hear a group of 'keen-agers' - yes! They're obviously no longer teens, but still ever-so-keen to belt out oldies but goodies. Going by the name of 'The Elderly Brothers' (if you didn't pick the play with The Everly Brothers... tsk tsk), their keen-ness belies their ages (Combined age: over two centuries), this informal, occasional group is a sight for sore eyes, or a cause of sore ears! But don't just come, be prepared to croon along with them. Someone once asked them to do a song in B-flat, and their response was, "No problem, we always sing flat!"

Grandpa's Singing Sensation
To add to the fun, we'll also be holding Grandpa's Singing Sensation, a singing contest open to all our friends aged 55 & above. Leave your inhibitions and your medications behind, and come croon with us the tunes from days of yore.
Time: 7-10pm
Venue: Main Deck
Prizes will be awarded to the most Original, most Lovely, most Dramatic, most Inspiring, most Entertaining, and most Senior competitors.

A fabulous evening in the making, made even better by our 10th Anniversary $10 Main Courses, courtesy of Singapore's very own Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill.

For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.

8 July (Wed): Teen Challenge Nite

Brought to you by Teen Challenge Singapore

A thirty-three-year-old (Teen Challenge Singapore: founded in 1976) teams up with a ten-year-old (Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill: first started grilling in 1999), to bring you a night of fun, food, and fulfillment... all in appreciation of the hard work and dedication put in by TC's staff and volunteers.

What a wonderful and ironic twist for a post-teen (TC) to work with a pre-teen (SF) to honour all those dedicated individuals in between who have shown such great love in caring for the teens at TC.

Come, and better appreciate what TC is doing for the marginalized in our society; learn how TC helps individuals move beyond restoration and into transformation; understand why it is vital that the entire mind, body and spirit must be rehabilitated to be entirely free from the bondage of delinquent and unwholesome lifestyles and habits.

Present this night also, will be TC representatives from USA and across Asia who can explain first-hand to you how TC's modus operandi transcends race and culture to produce high rates of success. Tuck into a sumptuous spread of food offered on buffet lines as well as from the various cook-out stations across the various decks of Stewords Riverboat.

Cookout/Buffet: Adult $30nett, Child $15nett
Alternatively, choose from our list of mouth-watering 10th Anniversary entrees at a celebratory $10 each.

For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.

9 July (Thu): Gospel Nite

Brought to you by the Saw family

Ever heard of the 'Gospel according to the Saws'? Now, before you stone us and assign us a place among the heretics, we'd best clarify that what we're doing here is to simply give thanks and testify of God's faithfulness through our past 14 years in business, which is the gospel being worked out in our lives.

Sing along to heart-warming country gospel classics like Old Rugged Cross, From A Distance and Just A Closer Walk, as well as newer numbers like Three Wooden Crosses and God Loves Country Music. Hear us out as we share testimonies, challenges, and lessons learnt along the way. The more spontaneous among us could even hop onto the stage to share a song or a word of encouragement!

In keeping with the theme, we've also invited our friends from Be107FM, a Christian radio station, who will be sharing with us about what they're doing for the gospel.

When God is in the house, we're in for a great time! 
For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.

10 July (Fri): Wine Appreciation Nite

Brought to you by Jeffrey Soh of Tapestry Room
Wines kindly sponsored by Crystal Wines

On the last night of our 10-day celebration, we present to you Jeffrey Soh, a fun and engaging wine specialist all the way from Singapore, who will be speaking on the different varieties of wine, how to enjoy them, and about pairing them with Santa Fe's authentic and flavourful Tex-Mex food. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned wine connoisseur, Jeff will keep you entertained through the night as he unravels the mysteries of appreciating a good wine.

Wines served:
Moscato (Italy)
Pierre Jean Colombard Chardonnay (France)
De Bortoli Willowglen Shiraz Cabernet (Australia)
Morton Estate White Label Hawkes Bay Pinot Noir (New Zealand)

Price: $28nett per person (incl 1 main course & 4 samples of wine)
Early-bird Special: $25nett for those who register by 8 July 2009.
For those who would not like to take the package offer, you may also order our $10 Main Courses and drinks ala-carte. The talk is free-for-all.

To register, please email daryl@riverboat.com.sg.
For reservations, please call 6278 5775 or email enquiry@riverboat.com.sg.

$10 Main Courses

Available 1-10 July 2009 at all Santa Fe outlets 
BBQ Herb Chicken (U.P. $19.90++)
Herb-marinated chicken leg barbecued and topped with BBQ sauce. Served with baked potato & salad. 
Tex-Mex Grilled Chicken (U.P.$21.90++)
Grilled chicken breast spread with BBQ sauce, and topped with bacon & melted cheese. Served with mashed potatoes & grilled vegetables. 
Grilled Chicken Pasta (U.P. $18.90++)
Linguine with spice-herb cream, topped with grilled chicken. 
BBQ Baby Back Ribs (U.P. $21.90++)
Our signature, time-tested meat-slips-off-the-bones baby back ribs with BBQ sauce. Served with corn-on-the-cob & old-time fries. 
San Antonio Pork Chop (U.P. $21.90++)
Grilled, honey-glazed pork chop topped with pineapple salsa. Served with baked potato & steamed vegetables. 
Foil-Wrapped Grilled Dory (U.P. $19.90++)
Succulent fillet of dory foil-wrapped together with a special cream sauce, sauteed onions & bell peppers, and grilled to let the flavours fuse. Serve with potato wedges & salad. 
Blackened Salmon Veracruz (U.P. $22.90++)
Fillet of salmon coated topside with crusted black pepper, and panfried. Served with spicy rice & grilled vegetables. 
Chicken or Beef Fajitas (U.P. about $22/$24++)
Slices of grilled chicken or beef, on a bed of sauteed onions and bell peppers, served sizzling on a skillet and with flour tortillas for you to wrap them in. A condiment set of shredded lettuce, sour cream, cheddar cheese & pico de galo accompanies. 
Blackened Beef Burger (U.P.$17.90++)
A black pepper-crusted beef pattie topped with crispy onion rings between the breads, with ranch dressing, lettuce, tomatoes & pickles. Served with old-time fries. 
Summer Apple Salad (U.P. $14.90++)
A healthy salad mix with apple-mayo dressing, and garnished with raisins, almonds & chunky cubes of green apples.